From Malpensa Airport 

CASCINA CESARINA Via dei Cesari 32  Gagnago, Borgo Ticino

Lat/Long: (45.677423727186195, 8.590482473373413)

From Terminal 1 (most scheduled airlines) 

On exiting the airport, keep to the right and take the first right, posted MILANO. You go down a ramp onto a 4-lane clearway.  Keep in the right hand lane as you have to exit FIRST RIGHT, it’s just after a tunnel and it’s posted SOMMA LOMBARDO.

Go up the exit ramp which brings you to a roundabout. Go ¾ round, still following SOMMA LOMBARDO signs.

(From Terminal 2 (Easyjet and most budget airlines) – N.B. Some car rental suppliers have cars in Terminal 2, for others you have to go to Terminal 1 to pick it up – make sure you follow the appropriate instructions or you will be confused !!

On exiting airport, do NOT take first right towards Milan, but go UNDER flyover and then turn LEFT  (beware of cars coming from the right, often at speed!). A slip road will bring you up onto a dual carriageway.  After about l km, take the first exit ramp (right), which brings you up to a roundabout. Take the FIRST RIGHT, posted Somma Lombardo, and follow the instructions below…..)

Take a small 2-lane road which goes through the woods for a few km until you come to the town of Somma Lombardo. At the first roundabout, TURN RIGHT (there is an old church opposite), then follow the road along until the next roundabout, where you turn LEFT. Stay on this main road, going through 2 or 3 traffic lights. The main road curves round to the right and then goes straight for quite a while.  Before the next major crossroads, get into the left-hand lane and turn LEFT at the traffic lights (posted VARALLO POMBIA). Stay on this road until you are out of town, road dips down towards the Ticino river (make sure you stay on this road when it curves left and DON’T take the right turn posted Golasecca and Sesto Calende).

At the bottom the road takes a 90-degree right turn and you go alongside the river for a bit, then a 90-degree left over the bridge, and on up the other side. Go straight on into and through the village of Varallo Pombia, following signs for ARONA and/or NOVARA until you come to the main Novara-Arona road (SS32), where you turn RIGHT towards ARONA. Stay on the SS32  - according to which way you have come through Varallo Pombia you may have to go over 2 roundabouts on the SS32 or just one.  The important one to notice is the one with a large shopping centre on the right (Il Gigante), because after passing it, 300 metres on take the FIRST LEFT, posted DIVIGNANO. From this road take the first RIGHT, Via  Conturbia, go straight for 400 metres and turn RIGHT into Via Campo Militare (there is a large rectangular GAGNAGO sign). Go along this road and through a very narrow passage between two houses, then the FIRST LEFT down VIA DEI CESARI.  At the bottom the asphalt ends and you turn LEFT under the arch of a farmhouse at n. 25 (make sure you approach the arch by keeping to the right, then swinging left, otherwise you’ll have to back and manoeuvre to negotiate the arch without scraping anything!)

Straight on another 100 yards and curve right into our drive (there are silver birch trees) and on to the Cesarina. Our house is the left-hand portion of the building and you can park right outside.

Sorry if the instructions are rather long, but they should ensure you don’t get lost, whatever time of day or night you are travelling !

Any problems along the way: call 0321 90491 and we’ll help you !