From Linate airport to Cascina Cesarina

CASCINA CESARINA Via dei Cesari 32  Gagnago, Borgo Ticino

Lat/Long: (45.677423727186195, 8.590482473373413)

On coming out of airport turn left towards Milan centre.  The general direction

you need is A8, the motorway towards Varese, but to get onto this motorway you have first to get onto the TANGENZIALE EST (marked A51 on some maps), which is a sort of ring road around the East/North of Milan. You stay on this for a while. You must then get onto the A4/E64 urban stretch of the Venice-Turin

motorway, certainly posted Torino, probably also LAGHI, VARESE etc.  On this

you pass several exits (Viale Zara, Cormano etc). Be on the look out for the

exit for A8 Varese and A9 COMO, which comes as rather a sudden right turn, very shortly after the ‘Viale Certosa’ exit, which has a white sign . 

Once on the A8/A9, after 3-4 km you go through a toll gate (slightly over 1

euro) (careful to go where you can pay CASH, not gates marked TELEPASS or

VIACARD !). The motorway is about 4 lanes each way, stay middle-ish as after a couple of kms it divides into the A9 for Como, to the right and the A8 VARESE, LEFT, which you need.  Stay on the A8 for about 15 km. Careful, just after you pass the GALLARATE exit, the motorway divides again - DON'T go right, towards Varese; KEEP  LEFT  ON  THE  A8/A26 POSTED GENOVA AND GRAVELLONA TOCE. 

You shortly  pick up a motorway ticket, then pass 2 exits (Besnate and Vergiate/Sesto Calende) before going through a series of tunnels and - in between - crossing the Ticino river. Get off at the next exit, CASTELLETTO TICINO (again, keep to the left-hand booths, not Viacard or Telepass). After paying the toll, follow the slip-road down, turn LEFT at end, posted NOVARA. Follow road round until you come out on main Arona-Novara road (SS32), where you turn RIGHT towards Novara). Stay on this road for about 4 km (ignore a large right fork posted Comignago-Gattico-Borgomanero and also pass various turns into Borgo Ticino).  After passing a TAMOIL petrol station on your right and an AGIP on the left, take the next main turning RIGHT (it is signposted DIVIGNANO and there is also a large ad for the TORBIERA wildlife park. (If you come to a roundabout with a shopping centre on your left, you’ve gone too far along the Novara road! Go back towards Borgo Ticino and take the first LEFT after the roundabout!)

  This road goes slightly uphill. Take the FIRST RIGHT, Via Conturbia, go straight for about 400 metres, then take a RIGHT TURN (Via Campo Militare) into the little hamlet of GAGNAGO (there is a large sign). After about 200 metres go (cautiously!) through a narrow passage between two old houses, then take the FIRST LEFT, which is Via dei Cesari.  Go straight down Via dei Cesari until you come to a T junction (asphalt ends), where you turn LEFT under the arch of the farmhouse at n.25.  Remember to swing rightish as you approach the arch, so you can turn left and get through in one go if you car is small or medium size. If it is very large or has a poor lock you may need to manoeuvre slightly.  Go  straight on another 100 yards, road curves right into our drive - lined with silver birches. Our house is the left-hand portion and you can park right outside.

Any problems or delays on route, just give us a call on (0039) 0321 90491