From Cascina Cesarina to Malpensa airport   (25 minutes)


CASCINA CESARINA Via dei Cesari 32  Gagnago, Borgo Ticino

Lat/Long: (45.677423727186195, 8.590482473373413)

Turn left at end of drive, go under arch and turn right up Via dei Cesari.

At top of Via dei Cesari, turn RIGHT onto Via Campo Militare, go through narrow passage and on 150 metres to T junction, where you turn  LEFT.

After about  400 metres road broadens and you come to another T junction. Turn LEFT again; this brings you down to the main road, SS 32 Arona-Novara, where you turn RIGHT. Go over the roundabout, then straight on until you come to  a second roundabout (Rossi clothes store on the right, Varallo Pombia village on your left), where you turn left into Varallo.

Go through Varallo Pombia, just following main road round (turn left at the first mini roundabout and right at the next one, then keep going straight on through and out of village. Road goes downhill through woods and you cross the Ticino river on a bridge/dam, road curves right and follows the river awhile, then climbs.  Next town is SOMMA LOMBARDO. Turn right at first traffic light, then go straight through two or three lights, all quite near one another. You have to TURN RIGHT at the traffic light shortly after passing the LORD NELSON PUB on your right – there is also a bank. Watch out for that turn, as Malpensa is signposted but very small and you could easily miss it. Road brings you down to a roundabout with an old church on your right. Go across-half left, (i.e. not the first road on your right but the second, which is just slightly left of where you came from), Malpensa is signposted there too.  Road goes out of town and through woods before coming out at a roundabout just after a petrol/gas station on your right (if you need to fill up a rented car before returning it, this is the place!).

If you are going to Terminal l, take the first right at the roundabout and you are on main airport road. Keep on the right – you go through a tunnel and as you come out, turn right up to Terminal l approach. There make sure you give way to any traffic coming from airport then get on the roundabout and  follow signs – it is left  in any case, then furthest left for returning rental cars, middle for arrivals and right, up a ramp for departures.

For terminal 2 go ¾ of the way round the roundabout, down the ramp and you are on a dual carriageway towards Milan… keep to the right and after a couple of km take the right lane and exit to terminal 2.

Buon viaggio and come again !

N.B. THURSDAY MORNING is market day in Somma Lombardo, so there is a bit more traffic. If you are leaving Thursday morning it could be advisable to allow yourself an extra 5-10 minutes just in case of delays.